The following You Tube Video is of a middle school P.E. SKWIM Program in Southern California showing play progression after just 3 weeks of daily, 1 hour SKWIM P.E. Unit. Actual water time per day = 40 minutes. SKWIM is the emerging international "water-disk" game, easy to learn, fun to play, for all ages and abilities. Yes, now there's an exciting water sports game for the whole family to enjoy! The yellow SKWIM Disk is soft and flexible and accurately slides on the surface of the water! Teammates wear special swim fins, for faster play-making and exciting teamwork. SKWIM plays like soccer and scores like a 3-D version of team air-hockey. SKWIM curriculum centers on open-water safety certification, teamwork and sportsmanship. The game is, safer, faster and loads of fun for anyone looking for interactive game play in the water!