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Skimming across the water, the soft 'Skwim Disk' propels this new swim-sport!

SKWIM ® is the "original water-disk sport" gaining popularity worldwide. Played in both shallow and deep water, SKWIM progresses with your ability, from an engaging learn-to-swim game to possibly the most electric, athletic, and entertaining water-sport of all time.  If you're looking for a fun, fast-action water-sport for the whole family, SKWIM might be just right for you!   Join the many thousands, ages 5 to 85, that have discovered SKWIM, and help bring this international sport to your pool-deck, dock or beach!.

SKWIM is quick to learn, offering early and continued success, whether you're a beginner or advanced swimmer.  If new to the water, "Shallow-Pool" SKWIM captivates with exciting disk-interaction and strategic play-making, while teaching you practical water safety skills.  If you're an avid or competitive swimmer, "Deep-Water" and "Open-Water" SKWIM challenge you with artistic yet explosive hydrodynamics and progressive disk-mastery.  It's amazing to watch, and therefore a natural spectator sport!  But you won't be in your seat for long, as SKWIM invites you in to play!

It's a great lifetime sport that helps build "water-safe, water-smart, water-strong community"!  "Skwimmers" can advance their game well into their thirties and beyond.   In SKWIM, quickness and speed can be overcome by disk-skill and game knowledge, adding value to older, seasoned players.  Experience in soccer, basketball, hockey, polo, and ultimate, all contribute to the like-strategies of this unique water-sport.  SKWIM then adds the dimensional aspect of 360 degree scoring, and the defensive creativity to respond.

The Skwim-Disk, made from XL Extralight ® , is soft and flexible for use in most all aquatic settings, and engineered to glide smoothly across the water.  The Skwim-Fins comfortably and effectively enhance power and balance propulsion, freeing your hands to play the game. 

SKWIM International is the non-profit organization responsible for promoting the sport, developing and supporting programming, and helping new SKWIM communities worldwide.

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